Another Amazing Experience

I am pretty decent at keeping secrets and I did …mmmm okay with this one. The only people I told were my closest friends because I was in shock about the opportunity, how quickly it came about and what in the world was I going to do about it.

As most people did, I met a ton of professional contacts while at CrimeCon in June. TV producers, network VPs, book publishers and the list just goes on and on. It was fascinating to think of the potential experiences that I could use to supplement my already amazing job…… what doors could open for my academic program, my students and of course myself?

I am not one to back away from something out of fear UNLESS it has something to do with heights or snakes! Uh and who could blame me for those? And at the rate my posse was pimping me out (no one got by our podcast table without a button, sticker, picture….something) it is no wonder that I met as many people as I did.

What I did not expect was to meet a VP from Oxygen Media who was interested in speaking with me and said that I would hear from someone. That was just cool to hear but did not expect anything to come of it.

WRONG! Two days after CrimeCon was over I was visiting my friends at the coffee bar when I received a call from NYC. IT WAS A PRODUCER FOR A TRUE CRIME SHOW ON OXYGEN!!!! #wth Of course, I acted professional and kept my cool….not sure how but I did. She was interested in the case that I had just presented on. The show she was calling about was filming an episode on this and wanted to see if I would be a fit as an expert on the episode?!? Did I already say #wth The initial interview went well and she said that I should expect a call from the episode’s field producer.

I walked back over to my friends and had no clue what just happened but I am pretty sure we celebrated with a glass of wine! What an awesome experience….. even if that’s all that came of it.

Well…. the next week I got the call I was told to expect. The field producer, Rachel was awesome. We talked. We clicked. She sent me contracts! Soooooo…..

YES, I signed and have an episode to my credit now. It will not air till the end of the year but I will make sure to share the details with everyone. The show? MARK OF A KILLER

As if it couldn’t get even weirder or cooler….. they asked me to film a second episode for the same show with a different killer. YEP…. did that too!

Anxious to see where this goes. Will this make me a better professor by opening new doors!?!

Total Rant and Brain Purge