Yikes - No posts since July???

Well nothing on here since July would explain why Sara yells at me on occasion…lol

So much has happened since July. Lets do this in bullet style format so maybe I can get caught up:

  • Ok, so that ONE episode of Mark of A Killer that I was supposed to record turned into TWO and almost a THIRD…. but there was just no way I felt I could be prepared the way I wanted to be to take on a third with short notice and film all in one day. SO TWO IT IS and TWO I AM thrilled and excited to see how they turned out. I should have air dates any time now for both episodes. Oh and YES, it was fun, exciting and the people I worked with made it so simple…. LOVED the experience.

  • The cold case institute that I was given a three year endowment to fund, create and run is moving along faster and better than I could have ever imagined. The official name is the Institute for Cold Case Investigations (ICCI) and we work local (our four county area) cold cases DIRECTLY with the Martin County Sheriffs’ Office. Once, we have figured out how this all works then I am sure we will take on other agencies, if they are interested. I won’t go into the details about how this venture works but lets just say I have been told that the access we have is unprecedented and the skills and training our students are receiving have them on cloud nine and hopefully making a difference in their education, their potential for employment, these cases and the community overall. I am so proud of this project and these individuals. Oh and did I mention we have the coolest logo in the universe!?! Yes, I am super proud of ICCI forwards, backwards and inside out.

  • The Murder and Mysteries with Massnick podcast hit 10k downloads in just over four months which we were thrilled about. We have been taking an extended and unexpected absence from recording because PCubed who is not only the co-host and producer but somehow the BOSSY, younger brother that seems to tell me what to do and for some strange reason I LISTEN…. I need a therapist to figure out how I let him figure out how to get me under control. ha ha

  • Why the break? Simple….. I rarely say NO to anyone or anything, so I was running in 50 different directions all while trying to completely rebuild (not remodel) my home which is my sanctuary. So, personal items got put on hold. My actual job got super organized and worked ahead, I am sure that freaked my bosses out, and I started saying NO to being on Boards, Commissions and a million other things. I was tired and if I can’t do the job in the manner I want my name to represent then I am not going to do it!

  • Hmm, also learned that I need to make some time for me and just have some fun that has nothing to do with anyone else. I have a few friends who showed me how conservative my food choices are. So as you know I pretty much have only eaten eggs since CrimeCon but once a week I try something that a girl from southern Ohio where there is little to no diversity would NEVER have considered before these insane people came into my life.

    • Escargot is to die for.

    • Octopus is something one should definitely try and then eat on occasion. GRILLED OF COURSE

    • Calamari should be super hot and weirdly tastes good with mayo???

    • No more “safe” sushi for me. Eel, urchin and things I have no idea are pretty damn good.

    • Muscles… are probably something I wouldn’t share with you but might stab you over the last one….lol

    • OYSTERS…..let’s not even go there. Haven’t met one I couldn’t handle yet!

    • AND THE BEST ADVICE FROM ONE OF THESE CRAZY PEEPS….. you do NOT need to have someone to go out to eat with. Go enjoy life and food. Stop waiting on someone to go with you. You will miss out on too much. She’s pretty damn smart.

  • Best yet, just enjoy life and have fun. I booked a flight to somewhere I have never been and have no plans yet. Whatever happens happens. I already have plans for an adventure in November and you know what makes it fun? Keeping it to myself. No one can tell me that I can’t do it. Shouldn’t do it or question me after. It also makes it more exciting!

Well this is all I can squeak in for now. So much more to catch you up on but that will have to wait for another day. Get off of your computer….. go have some fun… and just you do you!

Dr. M

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