22 Days Remain

Today was so busy that I didn’t have much time to ponder what was or wasn’t going on with Bobby. I admit that I did mention/complain about it in passing to my the whole MCubed posse. Everyone is supportive of this process and wondering if I will get the opportunity to see Bobby before his execution. Will he still be interested in having me attend? If so, will I decide to go or not? I have no idea.

I appreciate the sounding board that my friends and peers are providing. This is definitely a strange position to be in. Some people are voicing their opinions without having been asked for them and some of those people are direct, blunt and actually rude. Others are concerned or have questions.

Let’s get real about this. Why would anyone (aside from a victim) want to see someone executed? I would like to think that no one is excited about seeing someone die. Even if the person is a monster, I hope (victims not included) that no one would celebrate or be “happy” about this.

If someone was too excited… too willing…. too happy….

What does that say about them? I will tell you what it says to me…. nothing because I choose not to judge them the same as I would hope others would not judge me or my choice in this matter.

If given the opportunity to see an execution would I go? I am still asking myself that question but I think my answer will probably be yes. Why? Because I am an educator. Because I have my own opinion (that I am not sharing at this time) of what I think and feel about the death penalty. Because I teach on a subject where very few people can actually be considered a “subject matter expert.” I do NOT want to ever become an expert in this area. I think I have too many emotions, am sympathetic and empathetic and that witnessing more than one time might cause me unnecessary trauma or stress.

What I do think can be gained from a singular experience? A better understanding of the actual event itself. Not only what the inmate goes through from the time he or she is brought into the death house but also what the witnesses (state, defense, victims and family) behaviors are at the time as well as visible emotions. I think this will allow me to speak on the subject from an educated, not a textbook, place.

Will I be affected. ABSOLUTELY….

Regardless of my opportunities and choices, I hope that I am offered respect if not understanding of the choices I make. People do not have to understand or agree with them but respecting them would be not only professional but nice.

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