21 Days Remaining

My phone just alerted that I have new JPay email. FINALLY! I was beginning to wonder if Bobby has written me off and is no longer speaking with me. MAYBE, he prefers to spend his remaining time with those people who send him the salacious photos he continually asks for. Regardless, I have mail……


The email is NOT from Bobby. The email is from Vincent Rivera. I am sooo confused, shocked and oddly excited. I wrote Vincent an email SIX MONTHS ago and received nothing back from him…. until today. This came out of left field.

If you do not know who Vincent is, he is the inmate who killed suspected serial killer, Gerard John Schaefer. Schaefer was a deputy sheriff here in Florida. He was sick and brutal. He was a sexual sadist. His case is one I have studied for over a decade and was the focus of my CrimeCon 2018 presentation in Nashville as well as season 1 of the Murder and Mysteries with Massnick podcast.

I reached out to Vincent last year because there is conflicting information as to the reason why he BRUTALLY murdered Gerard in prison. I wanted to get that answer so I reached out to him. I can not believe that when I had finally shelved this case (for the time being) he reaches out and is willing to talk.

My plate is so full that I really don’t have time for this BUT I asked for it and there is NO WAY, I am going to pass up the chance on finally getting an answer.

I need to think about how I want to approach this. I will email him later.

20 Days Remaining

22 Days Remain