8 Days Remaining

I completely forgot to mention Vinnie’s emails because of course I got off track yesterday once I started to talk about Bobby.

No mail from Bobby today but I have had people who have some connection to him reach out to me. People want or need to talk and some just want to ask questions. Very interesting to see how connections are made. How small the world is. How many people one man can affect…. a couple of these individuals are very interesting and I look forward to working with them…. you know who you are.

So Vinnie…

One of the things I asked Vinnie last November what - “exactly why did you kill Gerard Schafer?”

I can’t believe it. Vinnie does not play games with me like Bobby. No prison porn. No requests for posed pictures. Just an answer and a statement that he is more than willing to speak with me. Ask away…

Guess what?

I was wrong in my guess of why he killed Schaefer. I wasn’t even close.

NOPE… not telling you yet.

I need time to ponder this and to get more answers. This will be something that I speak with PCubed about and I am sure we will add it as a supplement to the Murder and Mysteries with Massnick podcast.

7 Days Remaining

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