9 Days Remaining

Ok, I know I said I would talk about the back to back emails I received from Vinnie the other day. Can’t believe it has taken me several days to actually have the time to look into them and then process what I think or feel about what he had to say.

My life is busy and hectic with a million opportunities and I would not have it any other way; however, my plate is a little OVER full at the moment. Sad that I just said to PCubed that in a little more than a week, things will lighten up some. Did I really just say, that once Bobby is executed my life will slow down? That is an absolutely reprehensible thing to say….

but I guess if we look at it from a purely professional viewpoint, without emotion - then I don’t sound like such an ass (or horrible person.)

AND Bobby is not responsible for my plate being so full, I am. Besides 8 pm, May 23rd will come and go and it just means that I move on to the next step in this process. What can I possibly have to do once Bobby is gone? What I truly care about…..


sadly there are so many to talk about

8 Days Remaining

10 Days Remaining