“A true expert in her field of criminology, Dr. Kimberlie Massnick is an entertaining and charismatic speaker who keeps her audience engaged. Her diverse background includes educator, mentor, investigator, researcher, victim advocate, community service coordinator, and comedian. Always thinking outside of the box, Dr. Massnick will take you on a journey that will prove most memorable!”
— Brenda Rante-National Preparedness Institute
“Dr. Massnick is Meep Meep Meep, faithful friend, Meep, Meep, captivating, Meep, Meep, Meep, intelligent and funny, Meep, Meep, Meep. Beaker loves Meep Meep Dr. Massnick!”
— Beaker
I have the honor of calling Kimberlie Massnick, Ph.D a colleague and friend. My association with Dr. Massnick is multi-dimensional, having had the opportunity to provide instruction to her in the art and science of criminal investigation, provide supervision and oversight during her time as a criminal investigator, and benefit from her lecture and specialized knowledge in the area of Serial, Mass, and Spree Killings. Dr. Massnick is a positive force in a criminal justice system that is notoriously riddled with negative energy and pessimism. She is a dedicated and passionate criminal justice practitioner, researcher, investigator, educator and student. Dr. Massnick exhibits a true thirst for knowledge and the desire to understand the triggers that inspire the darkest confines of the human condition to engage in criminal behavior. I highly recommend attending her lectures, enrolling in her classes, and working with her in any capacity. 
— Brandon A. Perron, CCDI, CFI-FTER Criminal Justice Investigator
As a retired Correctional Officer who worked many executions at Florida State Prison, I am very impressed by Dr. Massnick’s work and her website. I’ve known many serial killers at F.S.P. and I’ve watched some of them die in the electric chair. Her podcast (with Pierre P.) is outstanding and educates the public about these monsters and how they operated. I always look forward to each and every episode. But also, her mission to humanize the victims of serial killers, who frequently de-humanize their victims, is a credit to her education and training, and to her heart.
— Larry Peoples, Sr. Retired Lieutenant F.S.P.
“I love this lady! She cares about all her students, remembers little details, she’s so funny, the topics in class are interesting, loves teaching, easy-going.... literally if you mix brownies, puppies, sprinkles, unicorn dust & everything magical in a bowl you get Massnick. That’s how amazing she is. You won’t regret taking her.”
— Mariana Freitas, B.S. Student at Indian River State College
“Dr. Massnick is a wealth of information and is always willing to provide her insight and expertise to her students and co-workers. In her role as an educator, Dr. Massnick goes above and beyond to ensure her students are provided an amazing education through hands-on experiences and real-world applications. As a co-worker, she is someone you can turn to for guidance and support. If knowledge is power, then Dr. Massnick is the greatest superhero the world has ever seen.”
— Pierre Pacheco-IRSC Selection Center Coordinator
Dr. Massnick’s vast array of knowledge and expertise in the field of Criminal Justice makes her stand out amongst her peers. Everything I have learned while enrolled in her classes in the Bachelor’s program, I have been able to apply to the field that I am in. What makes her a truly remarkable person is her personality and the caring nature she has towards her students. Even after graduating, we still keep in touch and attend events around the Treasure Coast.
— Joseph Pierson, Forensic Investigator
Dr. Kimberlie Massnick is an amazingly learned, experienced, and erudite speaker; she has a gift for using her abilities to illustrate and teach in a truly fascinating manner. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Massnick present “True Crime & a Glass of Wine” at coffee bar Blue Door as we are able to witness while she enthralls her audience with her unique insights. It’s always standing room only when she presents her lectures, with everyone clamoring for more!
— Kathryn Heathcock, Owner coffee bar Blue Door