I am pretty decent at keeping secrets and I did …mmmm okay with this one. The only people I told were my closest friends because I was in shock about the opportunity, how quickly it came about and what in the world was I going to do about it.

So where am I? Of course I am sitting inside my favorite coffee bar. I would much rather be outside working but I have so much rambling around inside my head that I am too easily distracted by the beautiful weather, the squirrels in the tree, the dogs being walked down the sidewalk and the people lazily enjoying the morning… see what I mean? I need to be nestled on a private island where I would have limited distractions. Who am I kidding, I AM MY BIGGEST DISTRACTION!

As I get up this morning, my head is still a bit fuzzy and I exhale so deeply that I think my lungs might simply melt away. I am not excited nor nervous. I am not happy nor sad. I am simply ready…..

Still no damn mail….

I didn't and don’t expect any more to come but I continually walk to the mailbox each day at work and check. Today, I even entertained myself by recording my walk to the mailbox just so my social media could share in my “hope” and frustration.

So I woke up this morning to my phone blowing up with messages. “Have you seen that Bobby has a temporary stay till 7 pm tomorrow…. not a true stay but something about time for legal docs to be submitted and reviewed. I barely had the sleep out of my eyes. Definitely wasn’t out of bed yet and here comes Bobby….