17 Days Remaining

I read my latest letter from Bobby last night. What the heck did I read???

First off he doesn’t address me by my name or even the nickname he likes to use but instead he calls me a prison slang name. I was annoyed - not because he called me a name but because it was one that I had not heard of before and I actually googled it! Let’s just say that he called me a name that refers to someone who would be on the receiving end of “Bubba.” Well that is a little weird. What was his point in that?

No time to worry about my new nickname because I am busy reading and re-reading his letter. I am pretty sure….. NO, I am POSITIVE that I am being told off, yelled at and ridiculed by an inmate… no by a serial killer. A sick, twisted and unrepentant sexual sadist is calling my intellect into question.

He does this for almost TWO pages of written material. Does this hurt my feelings? NO. Does this get a rise out of me? NO. Does this shock me? Mmm, maybe a little but only because I would think that a man who is about to die in two and a half weeks would want to encourage me to talk with and entertain him NOT risk me tell him to take a hike.

Weird that I almost find this exchange humorous. Bobby truly is all about Bobby and will stay that way right till the end. Can’t wait to see what his response is to my lack of “shock” that he “scolded” me for not writing more often and getting back with him fast enough. I didn’t know that we were supposed to be following middle school “dating” protocol and that his ego was that big and/or fragile.

I almost prefer his little drawings or his comments that we jokingly refer to as “prison porn.” This letter just comes across as whining and honestly feels beneath him. What happened to the big, bad scary guy? Is this just another one of his games with time running out???

Guess I will email him now and find out why he is being such a weenie.

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