16 Days Remaining

With so much going on, I forgot to update everyone on the legal activities going on with Bobby right now. Last week his lawyer went to Court to ask for a stay based on the fact that Bobby has medical issues and the first drug to be used in his execution. His defense team is stating the sedative injection would be considered cruel and unusual.

The ironic portion of this story is that Bobby chose not to appear in Court which was to be held in Tampa. You would think that a man who is about to die would be thrilled to be outside of his four walls in whatever manner possible. That was not the case. Bobby said that the trip would amount to torture for him. He would be chained and shackled and he was concerned that the chains would place pressure on a scar he has from a surgical procedure. This would hurt!

Seriously?!?! I can’t wait to interview Erika for the podcast. She has been ranting about this for days now. In case you are wondering what her opinion is….mmmm, she is not sympathetic to his plight.

The reason for Bobby’s Court hearing is based on the fact that he is an epileptic and the drug etomidate which is the first of the three drugs administered could cause a seizure. As you would expect, medical experts both supported and discounted this position. The expert for the State says that a seizure is unlikely as the dosage level is such that is will put Bobby into a deep state of unconsciousness.

Again, MCubed members Erika and PCubed (Pierre) didn’t have any sympathy for Bobby. Not to make light of the entire situation but at times, we do cut up because we are constantly talking about the worst members of society and horrific situations that the undeserving have found themselves in. I like to poke Erika by asking her if she feels bad for Bobby…. listening to her rant, bob her head and roll her eyes does lighten the mood.

In case you were worried, the Judge denied the defense’s motion and Bobby’s execution is still set for 8 pm on May 23, 2019.

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