26 Days Remain

So I sent Bobby another email and with no response from him yet, I decided to not pepper him with a million questions. Trying the polite conversation tactic for now. I told him that I was sitting outside at a coffee shop writing him. It really is a beautiful day. I told him that and wondered if that would come across like a really “jerky” thing to say since he obviously isn’t going to be enjoying the Florida sunshine.

I decided to try and appeal to his love of the Florida Keys and his time there when he was young. I mentioned that the weather was such that it would remind of him of those times. He has often mentioned that the Keys are his favorite place in the world.

What else am I supposed to say to a man that is going to be executed in less than four weeks? I asked questions in yesterday’s email and since I have not heard back…. do I just keep grilling him??? It isn’t like this experience was anything I prepared for or even discussed in grad school. This is uncharted territory… at least for me.

I do feel a sense of urgency. Time is passing quickly and I have questions. I want to get any and all of the information that I can. Why and for what purpose? I don’t know. I just know that I am motivated by the victims. It always comes back to the victims. They deserve answers…. no, they will never get an answer good enough to justify, explain or even help anyone to understand why they experienced what they did.

They deserve to be honored for the people that they are or were. They need to be remembered as people and not as victims. They are more than victims of Bobby Joe Long. That is why I will continue with this process; however, it plays out.

25 Days Remain

27 Days Remain