24 Days Remain

Ok, a little more calm today but still not thrilled. Bethany did get a snail mail letter from Bobby but it was dated almost a week ago. He knew the warrant was signed but it had not been announced to the public yet. I was glad that she had heard from him.

In a weird way, the fact that she has not heard anything since reassured me that it wasn’t “just me” that he was not communicating with. I had started to wonder if maybe he had cut me off. He had said in the past that people who paid attention to him where the ones that he devoted the most time too. I had not only been slow with communication at times but I also NEVER gave in to any of his requests. I didn’t answer the graphic questions he asked and most definitely never sent him the provocative photos ( being very polite with my wording) that he asked for over and over.

Maybe I should ask Larry what protocol is for death row inmates at this point…..

For those of you who don’t know who Larry is… listen to the podcast. Larry Peoples, Sr. is the father of a friend. Larry spent his career as a correctional officer and we interviewed him specifically about his time working with death row inmates and regarding executions.

Who better to guide me through this process than Larry? Fingers crossed he can advise me.

23 Days Remain

25 Days Remain