25 Days Remain

I am annoyed and frustrated. I have not heard anything back from Bobby. I know this sounds strange and selfish. I am not the one on death row. I am not the one about to die yet here I am thinking about myself.

I am feeling the pressure of time passing and there is nothing I can do about it. In the past I have been so busy that I had taken the attitude that I would return his email when I could get around to it and here I am almost aggravated with him that his is not sending anything back. AND THAT IS NOT LIKE HIM!?!?

If I don’t hear something tomorrow I will reach out to someone. My friend Bethany of the Pros and Cons Podcast is also communicating with Bobby. That is one weird story…. two friends talking with the same serial killer. Funny thing, we were both talking with him before the other one knew about it. I wonder if she has heard from him since the warrant was signed?

Procrastinating is what got me here in the first place. Not waiting till tomorrow to ask. I am texting her now!

24 Days Remain

26 Days Remain