13 Days Remaining

Haven’t heard anything from Bobby and trying not to worry or obsess about it. Does it annoy me? Absolutely. Why? If for no other reason, I am used to getting what I want. That does not mean that things come easily. It simply means that I am willing to work, push, pull and plow through in order to get something… and right now I want answers and if it was just for me then I would just be annoyed and take what may come.


This isn’t about me. This is me wanting to be able to educate people about Bobby and hopefully get some piece of information about the victims that we haven’t heard. Something that lets us get to know them on a personal level, not just what happened on their last day on Earth.

When these last two weeks have passed, I will spend time trying to get those anecdotes from family and friends. One thing you should know about me is that even if I there is something I want…. I will not go after it to the detriment of others. If family does not want to interact with us because it is painful or maybe they have had bad experiences with others before me…. I will not push AND I have never had to. I think people respect the place I come from and THEY have reached out the ME.

I am thankful for that! <3

12 Days Remaining

14 Days Remaining