14 Days Remaining

They say time flies well I can say that I have never been more away of the truth to that statement than I am right now. On one hand it seems a lifetime ago that Bobby’s execution warrant was signed. On the other hand that execution is now only 14 days away. That seems like it is not around the corner but more like I am about to fall over it…. I wonder how this feels like Bobby. Even more importantly, I wonder how the people Bobby victimized feel.

I am speaking with someone who has a potential connection with Bobby. I am not ready to discuss that and not sure if I ever will be. This just makes this story all the more heartbreaking when you realize how many people have been affected. How many are counting down the days with me? How many are going to be happy when 8:pm on May 23, 2019 is finally here. And how many are going to feel something that can’t be explained.

Many people believe in the death penalty and many others do not. Some state that it is a form of closure which allows people to “move on.” I don’t like those stereotypical comments because I don’t believe that it is that easy. Just because Bobby will no longer breathe doesn’t mean that someone else will magically breathe easier.

Whatever the victim’s and families need, I hope that the are finally able to work towards that with Bobby’s execution. Even if it means, they just want retribution then I am ok with that. I appreciate and understand nothing better than honesty.

My fear is that once Bobby is gone so is the person that so many have hated for so long. Once there is no one to hate what emotion will fill that void?

13 Days Remaining

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