4 Days Remaining

So today, I made my plans official and will leave on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning to head up to Florida State Prison. I have decided that I will be outside with both supporters and protestors of the death penalty during Bobby’s execution. As I continually write Bobby’s name in such a familiar fashion, I wonder if people will think that I am personally connected with him…. it does feel weird to refer to someone in such a casual way while not being in a relationship of any kind - be it friendship or not.

Let me clear this up for anyone who pays any attention to my mental and emotional ramblings here… I in no way consider Bobby a friend nor am I viewing this process from anything other than a professional perspective. Am I personally invested in the research? Absolutely, I don’t think I could call myself a victimologist if I wasn’t it.

Then why do I so effortlessly refer to Florida Inmate # 494041 as Bobby? Because I realize that he is a person just like everyone else. This person just happens to be part man and part monster.

3 Days Remaining

5 Days Remaining