3 Days Remaining

So I woke up this morning to my phone blowing up with messages. “Have you seen that Bobby has a temporary stay till 7 pm tomorrow…. not a true stay but something about time for legal docs to be submitted and reviewed. I barely had the sleep out of my eyes. Definitely wasn’t out of bed yet and here comes Bobby….

This research that I started a year ago which includes my communication with Bobby Joe Long seems to have taken on a life of its own. But I guess the is how things feel when one is working outside of their comfort zone. I truly am forging a path for my own interest that I don’t have anyone to look to for guidance. What I do have are many friends and peers who are criminal justice professionals and are guiding me and keeping me grounded along the way.

Today one of those professionals is one of the owners of my favorite place to chill, hang out and work when I want to be creative - the coffee bar Blue Door. The owners are attorneys. William is a defense attorney so guess who I am going to drive crazy with a thousand questions? Most people think that criminal justice and the law are one and the same. That is soooo not true. I am a victimologist and criminologist so I stay in my lane…. I am NOT and never could be a lawyer.

2 Days Remaining

4 Days Remaining