12 Days Remaining

I have decided that I want to go to Florida State Prison on the 23rd regardless…. of being inside or out.

I was speaking with my Dean, explaining how this execution could be an educational tool for our criminal justice students. One of the courses I teach is Corrections and Penology. We discuss the entire process which includes the punishment, the death penalty.

I have met people who are in the middle of the road and see the selective (case by case) use of the death penalty as well as those who are opposed regardless of the crime and others who are so pro that they think they would be willing to implement the shock, drugs or whatever themselves.

I think recording this event from outside the prison walls, interviewing people on both sides of the debate as well as the people who live near the prison would bring a little reality to my classroom lectures. I, myself have never explored this other than in a text book and if you know me then you know that I am not that kind of professor. If I am to impart knowledge then I should continue to gain knowledge.

So, I have booked my hotel and will stay just outside of Raiford for a day or two. “Cheers” to caring enough to advance my own education and to be willing to become a better professor than I was the day before.

11 Days Remaining

13 Days Remaining