23 Days Remain

Really busy right now. End of the semester. Commencement is this week. Family coming into town soon…. and oh yeah, I have a family, three dogs and am trying to build a house. Oh wait, I almost forgot True Crime and a Glass of Wine is next week at the Blue Door - need to work on that presentation. AND CrimeCon is coming fast and furious and my presentation is based on Bobby… we changed our original concept when Bobby’s execution was set.

I do NOT have time to waste chasing down a death row inmate. For Pete’s sake….

I did reach out to Larry and he said that Bobby would have been moved from Union over to Florida State Prison once the warrant was signed. Snail mail would be delayed a little just because it has to get sent from one prison over to the other. I told Larry that I don’t send snail mail. I use JPay email for all of my communication. He wasn’t sure but said that Bobby’s tablet was probably taken away once he was put on death watch.

I am thankful for Larry’s experience and guidance. His explanation makes sense. He gave me some contact information so that I could see exactly what was going on and figure out how to proceed.

A week has passed already…..

22 Days Remain

24 Days Remain