Total Rant and Brain Purge

So where am I? Of course I am sitting inside my favorite coffee bar. I would much rather be outside working but I have so much rambling around inside my head that I am too easily distracted by the beautiful weather, the squirrels in the tree, the dogs being walked down the sidewalk and the people lazily enjoying the morning… see what I mean? I need to be nestled on a private island where I would have limited distractions. Who am I kidding, I AM MY BIGGEST DISTRACTION!

It is just before noon and I can honestly say that I am caught up on the work needed for the courses I am teaching this semester. I have already seen two doctors for appointments that I have been putting off for months. Professional emails have been returned …. Dear Lord, getting organized and caught up so that I can tackle some of the amazing things that are coming my way has been a lot of work this morning!

I decided on my presentation for this month’s True Crime and a Glass of Wine event. This serial killer was presented to me and honestly I knew very little about him before I was asked some questions regarding him. WOW, weird and crazy. BUT I like a challenge and something different. A killer who screams, cries and begs sounds like someone I need to look into. My first impression when reading that … what a big baby or he’s a fake. Mmm, you and I shall both see. Well, at least those who come to True Crime night this month!

Ok, next piece of randomness…. things have been insanely busy since we came home from CrimeCon. Victims and people associated with cold cases have been reaching out looking for assistance. As a victimologist this makes me happy that people are willing to trust me with their most personal and intimate aspect of their life but it also makes me nervous. I am a professor by trade so working on cases outside of my own cold case institute seems a little “out of my lane.” BUT, I do want to honor and help in any way that I can. I have spoken with PCubed about this and I think what we have come up with isn- that we are going to dedicate an episode of our podcast (Murder and Mysteries with Massnick) to each case. We are in the process of reaching out to those who have asked for assistance as well as starting our own research on the cases. My thought is that we will discuss the facts of the case, interview family members and see how we can get the word out so that we can breath new life into the case.

Oh and in my spare time …..

I have been asked to write a book - not happening this year! Don’t even ask! Please don’t. I give in way to easily.

I have students coming to class even though class is over and they have graduated! AMAZING and yes, that I am doing. These GRADUATES are working on a case for the Institute for Cold Case Investigations (ICCI). So proud of this endeavor.

I have been approached with a couple of other amazing opportunities that will add credibility and name recognition which I think can only benefit myself, my school and most importantly my students.

That is all for now. If I give away too much PCubed will veto me and I can’t afford to tick him off!

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