Execution Day

As I get up this morning, my head is still a bit fuzzy and I exhale so deeply that I think my lungs might simply melt away. I am not excited nor nervous. I am not happy nor sad. I am simply ready…..

This is the last post I will publish till after my CrimeCon presentation in New Orleans on June 8th. I will continue to blog so that you may follow what happens today.

I will share how I feel about whatever unfolds. I will detail the entire day so that not only can you experience my journey but so that I may never forget any of it.

Give me the strength, courage and opportunity to see this experience through and to gather as much as possible to share with my students on how our system deals with such heinous crimes and how people truly feel at the moment justice is finally served….. 34 years later.

Total Rant and Brain Purge

2 Days Remaining