These Students are Going to be the Death of Me?!?!?

In writing this post I needed to look back at my planner for March and I am pretty sure I just had a panic attack. How in the world did I do everything that is on this calendar? I was teaching classes, still working a lot of hours as a Public Defense Investigator… man, I miss going to the jail and conducting intake interviews and spending a lot of time with the members of the Pi Beta Iota Chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma. Our chapter of the National Criminal Justice Honor Society was founded in the fall of 2016 and the students worked really hard to earn the title of 2017 Club of the Year at IRSC. Of course, these over achievers (or psychos as I affectionately consider them) wanted to repeat so they decided that they needed to up their activity and community service events in March because the cutoff for point submission was fast approaching. I am not sure who is more insane or lacking in common sense, the students who suggested these events or me who approved the increased activity and was required to attend each event?

Before I throw the adorable, over-achieving, true crime loving lunatics under the bus, let me explain that I was already in crisis. My son, the one and only child I have with only two legs, decided that he would turn 22 years old. Just who does he think he is? I am nowhere near old enough or ready to have a child that is 22 freaking years old. I got married at 23 and had my son at 25. I will kill him if he even considers getting married and having children anytime soon. I AM NOT READY! So as you can see my psyche was fragile at this time. Maybe my need to fight feeling old enough to have a 22 year old is what led me to approve all of these events and think I was spry enough to survive them….. hmmmm hindsight is 20/20 they say. 

Anyway, I just added up the number of events these honors students held, participated in and knocked out of the park. 23! 14 in the last 6 days of the month! I went with them to clean beaches, roads and parks. I now have OCD and feel the need to pull over whenever I see trash on the side of a road in at a ballpark. I wonder if the college would consider this as a valid work comp issue and send me on a vacation…. One where I won’t see a beach that I will want to clean!

FYI- Still have to wait a couple of more weeks before I would find out if I was awarded an Endowed Teaching Chair and if the Alpha Phi Sigma students would win Club of the Year. If I haven’t mentioned it, I have the patience of a gnat. This would be a really really long two or three weeks.

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