6 Days Remaining

Checked the mail again…. again nothing

Checked with Bethany from the Pros and Cons Podcast… she hasn’t gotten anything either.

-frustrated but coming to terms with the fact that I may not hear anything from Bobby again. His execution is in less than a week and I am not sure what his daily life is like. Wrapping up loose ends such as time with family, clergy, legal issues concerning appeals. Paperwork that pertains to who gets his body and what he wants done with it.

I am starting to be less selfish as I realize now that time is short and speaking with me is truly not a priority for Bobby Joe Long. Treating him as I would any other person who is about to pass…. I am sure he has more important things to attend to than giving me the answers that a dozen others before me have tried and failed to get.

I still wonder what he is doing and thinking and feeling…. remorse? regret? fear?

5 Days Remaining

7 Days Remaining