19 Days Remaining

So the decision has been made. I have stopped asking for opinions and advice. I have decided that if Bobby Joe wants me at his execution and if the State permits…. I will attend. With that behind me, I can focus on whatever interaction I have with Bobby for the next three weeks.

Even as I type this, it feels weird. It is not normal to plan your last interactions with someone, at least not with someone who is NOT a loved one. This is just weird.

With little time remaining and wanting to get whatever information I can regarding Bobby’s life, his thoughts and feelings at the time of his criminal behaviors, which spanned a decade but most importantly to me…. any and all information he can give me about the victims.

For me it always comes back to the victims. Were they known to him? Did he pick these women for a specific reason? Did he plan his rapes, abductions and subsequent murders? So many questions… does he remember them as people or did he even see them as individuals? I want these questions because I want to see them as the women they are or were and not just as a victim of Bobby Joe Long.

They deserve to have people know their names, their faces and their stories….

18 Days Remaining

20 Days Remaining