Welcome...to the Bachelorette Party?

So I was asked to start a blog because of the sheer number of weird and crazy things that happen to me, around me or just happen to land in my lap. Keep in mind that I do NOT go looking for this craziness it just ugh..forget it. Not sure you will believe me anyway. Instead, just enjoy the antics of my life that my amazing family, friends, and co-workers tolerate!

I honestly can’t remember that last time that I was invited to a bachelorette party let alone attended one. I think the last wedding I attended was for my niece, Jessica, and that was almost a decade ago! So imagine my surprise to get an invitation to a bachelorette party VIA Twitter for someone I have never even met?!? At first, I was a little confused, then shocked and then busted out laughing. See if you don’t know, I was honored to speak at last year’s Inaugural CrimeCon in Indianapolis and even more thrilled to be chosen again this year to present in Nashville in May.

It seems that a group of friends have chosen CrimeCon 2018 as the perfect place to host a BACHELORETTE PARTY! Ok, not everyone will appreciate this venue to celebrate one of their wedding events but I think it is brilliant and memorable and obviously so does she and her criminal justice professional, true crime fan friends. So yes, @shelleykoski I will meet up with you at some point during #CrimeCon2018 to celebrate and congratulate you.

Are you an alien?